Refreshing My Health | #MyTaughtYou Podcast

Refreshing My Health | #MyTaughtYou Podcast

Getting back into a fit and healthy lifestyle can be hard. It takes a lot of commitment. It also takes you realizing that you are the only one standing in the way of your progress and growth.

On July 1st, I finally got back on the path to refreshing my health. I chose the month of July after listening to Myleik Teele’s Summer Refresher podcast series. In this series she shares many gems that I’ve found applicable to my business, but what resonated with me most was the topic of personal health. I realized that, not matter how many times I’ve failed, I can always start again because when it comes to personal wellness, the race isn’t over until I’ve finished what I set out to do.

Over the past 3 years I gained 30lbs and went from a size 4 to a size 8. This affected my confidence and made me dislike shopping for clothes. As someone who wants to transition into more style and fashion blog posts, it is important to me to be able to enjoy shopping and try on a lot of clothes, but I dreaded going to the store and the fitting rooms were a reflection of how much I’d failed over and over again in my pursuit of fitness and better health.

Looking in the mirror after having 2 kids I realized the game had changed for me. For the first time in my life I really had to work hard to get my body in shape. I used to be the kind of gal who never had to worry about weight gain or watching what I ate because “I never gained weight” but I’ve been given the rudest awakening of my life. I can gain weight and gain it fast. So, I took July 1 as the day I started reclaiming my health and start over again.

The old me was a quitter. I would start on exciting projects (working out in this case) and once it got too hard or the excitement faded away, I would quit. I was lazy and impatient. I wanted quick results and shortcuts. I wanted to be fit so fast so soon but I quickly learned that if it took me that long to get out of shape, it was going to take me twice as long to get in shape and twice as hard.

How did I manage to stick to it this time? I’m glad you asked. It’s pretty simple. I changed my mindset, prepared, and committed.

Prior preparation:
A week before I started, I created and designed amazing affirmation cards that aligned with my new mindset and the goal I wanted to achieve. These cards acted as a source of motivation and a constant reminder of where I wanted to be and why I started. On top of that, I also created a motivational lock screen that showed me where I was and where I wanted to be.

Get on a structured plan:
One of the reasons why I wasn’t able to complete my workout programs before was because I never had a proper routine. I kind of just dabbled here and there. I did a little here and a little over there and left it at that. Having an established routine that I followed not only helped me be consistent with my workouts by creating a proper structure to follow but it also helped me avoid having to think of workouts to do at home or in the gym. I used to be one of those people who goes to the gym, jogs a little, wastes time trying a couple of other machines and before I knew it, time was up and I had to leave. In the end, I got nothing significant done which was a waste of time.

To solve this problem, I purchased the 21-day challenge by Brittne Babe for $15 and committed to showing up every day for only 21 days. Even though the challenge was 3 weeks long, I started early and kept going even after the 21 days were over. I love her workouts because they’re beginner friendly and you can do them at home with little to no equipment. As a mom who wants to wake up at 5am and workout, it’s not always ideal or realistic to go to the gym. The program also has meal plans and downloadable worksheets that you can use to keep up with your workouts.

What kept me going was knowing where I had been and making a promise to myself to never to go back there. I’ve always been in the habit of breaking promises to myself but as a digital entrepreneur, I’ve learned that my WORD is very important. Constantly breaking promises to myself meant I couldn’t be trusted and if I can’t trust myself then why should I expect others to trust  me.

I had days where I could see my body changing and I would celebrate those days but then I had days where I didn’t see any changes and I felt unmotivated to keep going. This is where taking before photos comes in handy. I realized that I would end up right back where I started wishing I hadn’t given up when the going got tough and regretting why I did. My photos showed me how far I’d come and served as a constant reminder of the reason why I started which in turn motivated me to keep going.

As a mom of two awesome littles, it is very important to me to able to make sure that my babies are okay and safe at all times. Waking up in the morning at 5am isn’t ideal but thanks to my Cubo AI baby monitor, I was able to get up really early in the morning and workout while still keeping an eye on Odin and Hera through the app. One of the reasons why I love this baby monitor is because it has HD night vision so I didn’t need to turn on any lights on which could’ve woken them up and disturbed their sleep. It also sends me alerts to let me know if Hera is crying or her face is covered.

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Get rid of perfection. Guess what? I missed some days and the old me would’ve been discouraged and quit because I missed 2 days which meant that I couldn’t go on since my record wasn’t perfect. But the new me knows that to seek perfection is to seek failure. Perfection will keep you stuck in one place, it will cripple you and make even the easiest of decisions or tasks as hard as possible.

Letting go of the need for perfection, I was able to speak kindly to and remind myself that even though I missed a day or two, I could still get back into it and cross the finish line - which is really all I wanted to achieve. To start a workout program and actually finish it.)

Getting back in shape is possible and finally I can say I did it. The most important thing to remember is to change your mindset, prepare; this can be your environment, your clothing and food and finally make a promise to yourself to commit and don’t give up.

How are you refreshing your life this year? Remember you still have time to achieve those goals you’ve been procrastinating about and putting off.

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