Baby Essentials For Odin

Baby Essentials For Odin

From running errands, barely making it on time to his and my doctor’s appointments, handling diaper explosions to caring for his sensitive skin, here are my top 5 baby essentials that have made it possible to go through the day with a lot more ease.

Seventh generation diapers

Aside from the cute owls and butterflies on there, I love the Seventh-Generation diapers because they’re free of chlorine bleaching, unscented and great for Odin’s sensitive skin. Ever since he started using these diapers (which is since birth although I did try others in between) he’s hardly had any diaper rash or serious skin irritations on his bottom. They also have a pretty comfy and easily expandable waist which is very convenient especially for when he’s super full after eating.

Huggies natural care wipes

I love products that smell nice but how safe and friendly they are for him is the most important thing. Huggies natural care wipes are hypoallergenic (“relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction”), alcohol free, unscented and paraben free which is why they’re my go to wipes for Odin. Did I mention how effective they are when Odin has a really messy situation going on? For a really bad diaper explosion, I only use 5 wipes at most. A little secret, I also use them as makeup remover wipes and I only need 2 to get the job done. That’s how amazing these wipes are. Pure, gentle and multipurpose.

Aveeno calming comfort bath

When Aaron and I were shopping for a new bath soap for Odin, we had to make sure that it was a product that was not only safe for his sensitive skin but also had a wonderful scent. After debating on a couple of brands, sniffing here and there, we finally chose Aveeno Calming comfort because it is paraben free, phthalate free and tear free, which is huge for me. During bath time when I’m washing Odin’s face, he gets really squirmy and there’s nothing worse than a squirmy energetic baby getting soap in their eyes while in the shower. I also noticed that it doesn’t leave his skin super dry after each use compared to the other products I’ve tried on him.

Diaper Dude baby bag

Wipes, diapers, change of clothes, blanket, bottle, whatever I need to travel with for Odin, his baby bag has got my back. This is one of the best gifts I got from my baby shower. It came with a cushioned changing pad, an insulated bottle pocket, a pocket for wipes and diapers, a mesh pocket for his smaller essentials like lotion and hand sanitizer. Most times I don’t even need to carry my own separate bag because I can just drop my purse in there and I’m ready to go out.

Night Night Groot- His favorite book

Odin remembers every single line in this book. If he hears me or his dad say even one line from it, he’ll turn his head in your direction expecting the rest of the story. Even though we like reading it to him when it’s bed time, this doesn’t stop him from carrying it everywhere he goes and flipping through the pages at leisure. This book calms him down and feeds his brain all at the same time which is a win-win for us.

What are some must have baby essentials for you since you became a mom?